Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have never been one to be very excited about fall. I have always been very much a summer girl at heart, wishing for summer to continue past it’s time, and hoping that fall will wait in the wings just a little bit longer. And I of course expected my feelings to be the same this year. But this year as fall came around, there was something about it… this wonderful smell that reminds me that Halloween and Thanksgiving, and the wonderful Christmas season are coming. It’s almost like with every sunrise, sunset, turning leaf, and breeze that blows, someone is whispering in my ear… “and always, life continues…” we just keep rolling on, always. There is something rather whimsical about it. Makes me want to huddle in a corner with a hot chocolate, a huge beanbag, and a thousand blankets, just the same as it makes me want to put on mittens, and my big black wool jacket, and a fluffy scarf, and go running through a pumpkin field, or build a snowman and have a snowball fight… and now I feel cheesy, but I mean these things in the least cheesy way possible ☺. I just really like to experience real life, in a real way.

Monday, October 8, 2007

From the mouths of Fourth Graders:

Responding to a prompt regarding the national flower, a rose.

"Because it is like everyone's favorite flower and my moms and my aunts favorite flower too and they smell good and I like it too.

And like mostly everyones mom likes them so thats why they picked it."

"I could not pick a different flower because it is my mom's favorite flower and color. I think it was a good choice for the country because the state bird won't eat it."

Answering the test question: What kind of evidence has been found that people lived here so long ago?

"Plimith Rock."