Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Group Eureka!

My math group... Group Eureka. I love these girls.

Here is the short version of the story. We do exploratory math in one of our elementary ed math classes, we got assigned to be in a group together, and have all our other classes together too! We are all pretty different, but we mesh well together. We got in the habit of passing around a notebook with notes to each other, writing a story together, or in one particular case writing our mission statement! Thought it'd be fun to post it for everyone to read.
Group Eureka Mission Statement

"This group, begun on 5 September 2006, shall henceforth be recognized by this nation as a group consisting of five individuals, namely: Ashley Ann Moore, Austin Lee Hollenbaugh, Michelle Kaye McMurray, Natalia Lind, and Sheri Lyn Crapo. The mission of Group Eureka is four fold: To build friendships, to participate in collaboration, to perform research and development, and to embark on adventures.
The group will support on another, becoming a Zion society of one heart and one mind, emphasis on the one mind. We will participate in girl talk, contributing missionary letters to be enjoyed by all and to spark conversational topics. Most of all, our actions will be ones of randomness, resulting in confusion and throwing of pens in frustration.

This group was founded around a basis of learning and shall continue to do so. This learning could not be accomplished with out the collaborative efforts of all group members. Chocolate is also necessary to be efficient in these mathematical endeavors. All group members shall contribute to this collaborative chocolate fund.

Research and Development
While the main operation of group Eureka is for learning, research also plays an integral part is this clandestine society. Discovery research is key, especially when one is dealing with unifix cubes. Studies of human relationships will often be conducted, even to the necessary embarrassment of those individuals who have kissed 48 women. These studies should be conducted often, but only for educational purposes. Discussion should also be had about relationships concerning roommates and the group members. Stalking people in their dance classes is permitted.
This mission statement could not be complete with out mentioning the many adventures and planned adventures brought to fruition by our group of girls. Food is often an adventure in the group, even deciding where to go to eat. The UCET conference adventure will go down in history as our group's most perfectly executed plan. Operation Pug, while aborted, was very well planned. Future plans include: Road trip to Eureka, Natalia's wedding, and the Grand Canyon (even though not all members will be able to go on some of them!). The adventure to plan Ashley's birthday party was also a success, and Natalia's Oscar winning performance should be noted here, as the Oscars won't actually note it. It is the member's hope that many such adventures will be planned.

In closing, it should be noted that the group will be separated by distance and state lines from May 2007 to August 2007. Communication should be maintained often to apprise all members of activities and dealings while abroad."

Anyway, I hope that was enjoyable for you. We basically just have fun being nerds together :)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

No Time!

Okay, I don't really have time to write tonight, like I thought I would (ugh)... so I'm going to make a list of all the things I need to write to y'all about. Here we go:

Group Eureka
Cohort Awards
End of Winter Semester
New Practicum

I have pictures from some of these things and I will put them up as soon as I have time, which may not be until NEXT Sunday... unfortunately. I have 10 credits of classes right now for spring term, which is more than most people are allowed to have... but I'm in fast track, and that's how things roll in the program. Anyway, I gotta go, but my new address is:

673 E 800 N
Provo, UT 84606

AND, I found out that I will be in 3rd or 4th grade. They originally told me most likely fourth, then they told me third, and now the latest I've heard is that I can choose. So cast your votes! Comment and let me know what you think. 3rd grade does cursive, and times tables, and 4th grade is focused on Utah history. I hope y'all are having a GREAT day!