Saturday, January 22, 2011

Confession #9

I talk to myself.  Out loud.  And often.

Especially when I'm weighing options or trying to figure something out. It just seems like I can tell better if it makes sense if I say it out loud, so it doesn't get all jumbled with other thoughts and feelings. 

You know?

the day the sun touched my soul.

{Note: I wrote this post sometime late this last September.}

A couple weeks ago, I was walking home from the bus stop.  It was a really nice day, and so I had decided to avoid another bus transfer, get off at the closest stop to which that bus could take me, and have a nice, longish walk home.  I took off my shoes, and my socks, and felt the warm concrete under my bare feet as I strolled. 

I have this new job, you see. It is really pretty perfect. Perfect schedule, perfect number of hours, perfect bus stop right in front of it, perfect that they are training me from the ground up on everything.

Anyway. This day was maybe my third day of work.  I must've started thinking about how I love having my evenings back SO. MUCH.  Or how over the couple of days before that I realized that I was getting back to the point where I could hang out by myself without getting nervous (even enjoy it again!  sweet peace of mind!). 

At some point during all of that thinking I looked up, through all of the pretty tree branches of those huge trees on Center Street, and I saw the sun.  And after a moment, it felt like something melted a little, deep inside my chest. Like my soul, which has felt a little frosty for the past while, finally sighed and let go of all the negative feelings for a minute. And in their place, I just felt relieved, content, grateful. 

Oh, it was heavenly.  I think I am a little closer to being whole once again.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This song

Gonna live the simple life baby
Gonna live the simple life mama
We can see the fishboat lights
Sleep out underneath the night
Gonna live the simple life baby

Gonna love you all my life baby
Gonna love you all my life mama
River storms and river tides
Still held between two riversides
Gonna love you all my life baby

Sail me up the Hudson River
Sail me up the Hudson mama
From the Half Moon deck I see
Houses in the golden green
Sail me up the Hudson River!

Singing on the Hudson River
Singing on the Hudson mama
Sing of avocado trees and ships
And unborn children in your hips
Singing on the Hudson River!

There’s a five-piece gospel band
Inside the heart of every man!
Gonna live the simple life baby!

Those guys. Cool.