Monday, May 24, 2010


This morning, I woke up a little before ten.  I got out of bed, and headed towards my bedroom door, only to step in a puddle of water right in front of the door.  Surprised, I turned on the light (it's a little dark today, because it SNOWED last night, and is still raining today (what the freak. it's almost JUNE.)) and looked around.  I found that half of my floor was covered in about a quarter inch of water.  Yuck.

Something similar (albeit way smaller) happened maybe a month ago.  I called the landlord, and they sent someone out to check it out.  They told me that there is a leak in the wall because of something to do with a leaking gutter on the outside? My room is halfway underground (I live in the basement) so apparently the ground has come away from the foundation a little bit, and there is a crack, so it's leaking right through my wall and all over my floor.

Some people from the real estate company who takes care of our house came by, took pictures, told me what was up, and then told me to mop the water up and put a towel in front of where the water is coming out.  Awesome.  Don't worry, I didn't have anything else I was going to do this morning.  I was just hoping that you'd come by and tell me to clean all of this up.  Even though you knew it was happening a month ago, and could've done something before now.  I'll just pick up that there slack for you.  No problem. I love mopping.  

Fun stuff.  If my camera was working, I'd take some pictures of it for you.

In other news, even Wills thought the pocket pigs were a little cute.  Though he was a little conflicted because he had mixed feelings about domesticating animals.

I think I'm going to try to go to DI today (I really, really need some new clothes).  And I have plenty of other things on my to-do list that I'll work on, including going to get measured for my bridesmaid dress for Marta's wedding!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

oh so cute. oh man.

I inherited my love for animals from my grandma.  And my mom.

Thus, I really want one of these:

That love for animals is also the reason I love this (cuteboyswithcats) website.

And this, perchance, is my favorite one of all (letsbefriends).  I'll leave you with this picture. You know, to tempt you:

Go my friends.  Rejoice in the animal love.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010


I'm feeling pretty good this week.  I actually started up a fairly normal schedule at work!  I will be working (with a few exceptions, I'm sure) on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, from 6am to noon at the bakery, and then from 6-8pm teaching English on those same days.  It should be really nice in some ways, because I'll have a four-day-weekend most weekends (!).  The main downside will be having to go to bed pretty early (like 10pm or earlier if I can) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, but also that my off-time from work is in the middle of the day.  So instead of getting all my working hours out of the way all together in the morning or in the evening, I have to get up at like 5:30am, work for six hours, and then when I get off I have some time, but my English class in the evenings is weighing on me because I have to plan my lesson.  So... there are pros and cons to any way I do it.  I'm thinking I might try to get all my lessons planned over the weekend and do any other prep that I need to do so I don't have to worry about pulling something together a few hours before class.

In other news, Wills got back from Israel on Tuesday (his flight got cancelled, and he ended up spending the night in the airport in Tel Aviv), and he brought all of us awesome souvenirs!  He got each of his roommates at the Dollhouse a Keffiyeh (they're going to have a dollhouse picture with all of them wearing them - Sweet!), and he got me a gorgeous red bag which was made by some Druze people.  It is red, and looks kind of like these, in messenger bag form.  So cool!  I wore it out for the first time this morning.  It is very well made, and the weaving is gorgeous. 

Also, my roommate Brooke introduced me to this book the other day and I can't wait to read it!  It's called Radical Homemakers.  Here is a review of the book I found on the above linked website:

“Imagine women with masters degrees and PhDs who choose home over career advancement. Imagine wives (and husbands) who reject the false promise of endless paid labor to tend gardens and children and friendships. In a time when Wall Street MBAs-producing nothing of value but rewarded with million-dollar bonuses and blinded by greed-have driven our country to bankruptcy and despair, Shannon Hayes’ stories of women and men who choose simplicity, authenticity and community inspire hope. Outside the boxes of both conservatives and liberals, this book is radical thinking at its best. Read it and think.”-John de Graaf, coauthor of Affluenza and director of Take Back Your Time

I'm in the middle of several books right now, but once I finish a few, I want to start on this one.  I love the idea of being really educated, but also focusing so much on family and community because building solid families and communities is what is going to make cities and states and countries stronger.  

Hopefully the weekend will be great.  I will love not having to worry about work.  Later today Wills and I are going to hike the Y, then go see Avatar in the dollar theater.  There are good times to be had.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I am exhausted.

I've worked 6 or 7 hour shifts at the bakery four days in a row (which means waking up at 5:30am all of those days, to get there by six).  I also taught ESL in the evenings a couple of those days, which includes planning lessons.  AND, Cary and I are trying to get everything for the ward family home evening on Monday night planned and ready.  We went up to Costco yesterday to get food for it, and we still need some more, so I'm going to have to make another grocery store trip sometime today.

And I'm annoyed at how many people eat SO MANY FREAKING DONUTS Saturday mornings.  And people totally overdose on sweets on holiday weekend (Mother's Day!).

Anyway, I got home, took a quick rinse-off in the shower, and put on some sweats. I think I'll spend a few hours reading, or taking a nap.  Or doing both.

Tonight is Jana's birthday movie marathon!  Yay for pizza and crowding tons of people in the living room to watch movies on the big projector screen.  And for lounging in the LoveSac.

Tomorrow is church, and prepping food for FHE. 

Maybe my roommates and I will make some delicious food together.  It's so nice when all three of us are home.

ps. hopefully I'll get some new batteries (or a new charger) for my camera soon!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yesterday was super busy!

I had to wake up early to get to work at the bakery at 6am.  I got off at one, came home, showered (after a shift at the bakery, I smell just like I used to after a shift at Pick Quick. Ew.), and ate some lunch, which was leftover soup that I made a couple of nights ago (which is really good, by the way.  I posted the link to the recipe and the changes I made to it at the bottom of this post). 

After that I met with the other co-chair for FHE (did I mention that I was called as one of the FHE co-chairs? :)).  We are both brand new to the calling, but after talking with him, I'm way excited for the way things are going to do.  We're hoping to try some new things and hopefully get some more people coming out every week (as it is, less than half of each group generally comes to activities).  The most urgent thing we're dealing with right now is planning the ward FHE for this coming Monday evening.  We're thinking barbecue.  A delicious barbecue of course... none of this buy-some-cheap-nasty-hot-dogs-and-squished-white-hamburger-buns grossness.  Hopefully we'll play some kickball or whiffle ball too.  My roommate Jana upstairs is going to take care of the music.  It's still in the works of course, but it should be really fun!

Right after that, I had to leave again.  I had agreed to be in a film that my roommate's brother Scott is working on for one of his film classes.  He asked me on Monday if I'd mind being in a short (like two minutes, short) film he was working on.  They needed someone to play the "sweet, young mother", and Scott said he immediately thought of me.  I managed to find a baby that I could borrow to add to the effect (baby on the hip, over-sized white shirt, old cut-off shorts, ghetto house... you get the picture). We picked up baby Hyrum who is one year old, and headed up to Scott's house where we were going to be shooting. Hyrum was completely content to be chilling on my hip, barefoot, for almost an entire hour.  He played with my hair, ate some cheerios, looked at the things on the wall inside Scott's house while we were waiting for the salesman to knock on the door, etc.  He did awesome.  We ended up shooting it a good five-plus times.  When the filmmakers were content with the footage they'd gotten, we loaded Hyrum back into the car and headed home. 

After we dropped Hyrum at his house, Scott dropped me off just in time to change clothes, copy down my lesson plan, grab some water and snacks and run out the door to go teach ESL. 

The class was pretty uneventful.  That is, except for the part where I found a note on the side of one of my students desks.  He had written it (in English! Yay!) to explain that he'd bought me some bananas, but forgotten them in his car, so he would bring them in at break time.  And that he did. They were all wrapped up in a plastic bag, so that no one could tell what they were, I imagine (he was trying to be pretty stealth about it).  Also, there was the part where the oldest man in my class was flirting with me (to make matters worse, he doesn't have a wife, currently.  He's definitely like sixty.  I'm sorry, but ewww. no.)

I finally got home around 8:30pm.  I chatted with Brooke and Ashley for a minute, had a little snack, and then started getting ready for bed (I had to be at work at 6am at the bakery again today, so I wanted to get to bed early-ish. Which really ended up being about 10:20.  Oh well.). 

Luckily, today has been a lot more chill and I've gotten a few things done around the house. 

Life is pretty good.


P.S. I found this picture in a magazine a couple years ago, and saved it. I just came across it again a couple of days ago.  Can this be my family someday?  Barefoot, babies, straw hat, husband with carrots.  I'm taking note.

Click on the links to check out the rest of the slideshow (the one that included the above picture) about an organic farm, and the story that goes with it.  The photography is beautiful, and everyone should know about eating locally and sustainably.


The recipe for the soup I mentioned at the top of the post can be found here.  Chili's Southwestern Vegetable Soup.  So good! 

I didn't have any corn tortillas, so I didn't add those, and added a little corn starch to it to thicken it up instead.  I also am not a huge fan of spicy foods, so I didn't add the chilies.  I couldn't find our chili powder either, so I just added crushed red pepper flakes instead.  BUT.  It turned out pretty spicy.  Spicier than I would have liked.  So my tip to you is, if you don't add chilies and can't find your chili powder and end up having to use red pepper flakes instead, don't add as much as you would if you had chili powder.  Just a heads up. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I found this video on one of CJane's blogs.

I love it.  How she views motherhood, the scenes of her beautiful children playing, and being happy.  It's just beautiful.